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Dear Enemy

Dear Enemy 2013

Dear Enemy (simplified Chinese: 亲密敌人; traditional Chinese: 親密敵人) is a 2011 Chinese romantic comedy film which sets its background in financial industry. It represents how bankers conduct the act of mergers and acquisitions. During this process, a pair of lovers, serving for two warring investment banks and having broken up half a year ago, get back together.

Main actors[edit]
Amy (played by Xu Jinglei)
Female, 30 years old, an investment bank official. When Derek, her boyfriend, is busy with work and ignore her too much, she takes the lead in breaking up bravely. Half a year later, when reunited, what she has to face is not only the competition between Derek and her but also her hidden love's coming back.

Derek (played by Stanley Huang)
Male, 30 years old, an investment bank official. With high IQ and low EQ, he is a real workaholic. Having no time to accompany girlfriend, they break up formally. However, he still cannot understand what on earth Amy is unsatisfied with when meeting again. The girl, once the lover, has become his strongest rival. As for him, he has never put away his love in the deep heart.

Rebecca (played by Gigi Leung)
Female, 30 years old, assistant of Derek, and also a friend of Derek and Amy. She is the typical confidante. Though loving Derek for many years, she never tells Derek and keeps it hidden deeply in heart.

Silent Witness

Silent Witness 

Tycoon Lin Tai's daughter Lin Mengmeng becomes the murder suspect of his father's fiance Yang Dan. Her defense lawyer Zhou Li and prosecutor Tong Tao gains in-depth understanding through cross examinations in court. Who is actually the murderer of Yang Dan?

Sun Honglei as Lin Tai
Aaron Kwok as Tong Tao
Yu Nan as Zhou Li
Deng Jiajia as Lin Mengmeng
Zhao Lixin as Sun Wei
Ni Hongjie as Su Hong
Tong Liya as Li Xiaoni
Chen Sicheng as Director Chen
Cica Zhou as Yang Dan

Just Call Me Nobody

Just Call Me Nobody

Just Call Me Nobody (大笑江湖) is a 2010 comedy-martial arts film directed by Kevin Chu. The film is about a bumbling cobbler (Xiao Shen Yang) who becomes a martial arts master.

Starring Xiao Shen Yang
Kelly Lin
Banny Chen
Zhao Benshan
Eric Tsang
Jacky Wu
Xiao Xiao Bin

Scarred Memory - Simon Yam

Scarred Memory (Simon Yam)

Underrated psychological thriller/triad drama.

Director: Raymond Leung Pun-Hei
Cast: Veronica Yip Yuk-Hing, Simon Yam Tat-Wah, Farini Chang, Gilbert Lam, Almen Wong Pui-Ha, Peter Ngor Chi-Kwan

Horoscope 2: The Woman from Hell (Simon Yam)

Horoscope 2: The Woman from Hell (Simon Yam)

fter the death of their newborn baby, Yeung and his wife, once a happy married couple, now alienate from each other. On their marriage anniversary, Jimmy, a friend of them, suddenly commit suicide after claiming that he was conjured. Later on, series of nightmares take place... 

 Cast :  
Pinky Cheung Man Chi
Tony Ho Wah Chiu
Ng Sui Ting
Sophie Ngan Chin Man
Simon Yam

Great Pretenders

Great Pretenders 千王

Director: Ronny Yu

Tony Leung Chiu-Wai
Teddy Robin Kwan
Raymond Wong
Amy Yip
Simon Yam

Also Known As:
Qian Wang 1991

Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Release Date: 16 May 1991
Genre: Comedy

The Lost Bladesman - Donnie Yen

The Lost Bladesman - Donnie Yen

The Lost Bladesman is a 2011 Hong Kong film loosely based on the story of Guan Yu crossing five passes and slaying six generals in Luo Guanzhong's historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Written and directed by Alan Mak and Felix Chong, the film starred Donnie Yen as Guan Yu, with Yen also serving as the film's action director.

The film opens with a scene of Cao Cao attending Guan Yu's funeral — Guan's severed head is buried with a wooden statue in place of his body. The scene flashbacks to 20 years ago: After Guan Yu had been separated from his sworn brother Liu Bei, he temporarily served Cao Cao while he waited for news of Liu's whereabouts. At the Battle of Baima between Cao Cao and his rival Yuan Shao, Guan Yu slew Yuan's general Yan Liang and lifted the siege on Baima. As a reward, Cao Cao suggested to Emperor Xian to grant Guan Yu a marquis title and promote him to a higher rank.

Liu Bei's family, including his concubine Qilan, were staying in Cao Cao's base together with Guan Yu. Cao Cao showered Guan Yu with precious gifts, hoping that the general will be touched and will decide to remain by his side, but Guan refused to renounce his loyalty to Liu Bei. When Guan Yu received news that Liu Bei had taken shelter under Yuan Shao, he negotiated with Cao Cao to release Liu's family. Cao Cao agreed, but Qilan remained behind with Guan Yu. As Cao Cao was aware that Guan Yu was secretly in love with Qilan, he tricked Guan into consuming food spiked with aphrodisiac, in the hope that Guan would express his feelings to Qilan and rape her when she was immobilised. However, Guan Yu managed to maintain his composure and refrain from dishonouring his sworn brother's concubine. He and Qilan made preparations to leave Cao Cao after he knew Liu Bei's whereabouts from a messenger sent by Liu himself.

Cao Cao's followers strongly opposed their lord's decision to allow Guan Yu to leave as they felt that Guan might become a threat to their lord in the future. Despite this, Cao Cao gave a strict order that no one was to stop Guan Yu. However, along the way, Guan Yu encountered resistance and had to fight his way through the passes. Guan Yu slew Kong Xiu, Han Fu, Meng Tan, Bian Xi, Wang Zhi and Qin Qi, consecutively after they attempted to stop him. It was eventually revealed that it was Emperor Xian, and not Cao Cao, who issued the order to kill Guan Yu. Before reuniting with Liu Bei, Guan Yu agreed to kill Yuan Shao but entered a dilemma on whether to stay or leave in favour of his relationship with Qilan. However, before Qilan left, she pretended that she loved Guan Yu and said that she would ask for Liu Bei's consent for them to marry. Her true intention, however, was actually to stop Guan Yu from helping Cao Cao. Guan Yu refused and was stabbed by Qilan before Emperor Xian sent assassins to kill him. After a final grim exchange of words, Guan Yu turned his back on Cao Cao and the emperor. He headed to reunite with Liu Bei, fighting against his lord's rivals for the next two decades until his death.

The scene then turns back to Guan Yu's funeral. Cao Cao is sad and sheds tears for the loss of his friend. Before the film ends, Cao Cao makes some final remarks on how not him, but others such as Sun Quan, Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang, are responsible for Guan Yu's death. In a post credits scene, Guan Yu is seen wielding his Green Dragon Crescent Blade upright and stroking his long beard.

Donnie Yen as Guan Yu, a general who serves Cao Cao briefly before leaving to reunite with Liu Bei.
Jiang Wen as Cao Cao, a warlord and chancellor of the Han Dynasty.
Alex Fong as Liu Bei, a warlord and Guan Yu's sworn brother.
Chin Siu-ho as Yan Liang, a general under Yuan Shao who is killed by Guan Yu at the beginning of the film.
Betty Sun as Qilan, Liu Bei's concubine and the love interest of Guan Yu.
Andy On as Kong Xiu, the general defending Dongling Pass.
Shao Bing as Zhang Liao, a general under Cao Cao and a close friend of Guan Yu.
Calvin Li as Qin Qi, the archer who attempts to kill Guan Yu in the forest.
Wang Po-chieh as Emperor Xian of Han, the nominal ruler of the Han Dynasty.
Wang Xuebing as Wang Zhi, the official in charge of Xingyang.
Chen Hong as Lady Gan, Liu Bei's first wife.
Zhao Ke as Lady Mi, Liu Bei's second wife.
Dong Yong as Xun You, Cao Cao's advisor.
Nie Yuan as Han Fu, a blacksmith in Luoyang who is an old friend of Guan Yu.
Heizi as Meng Tan, Han Fu's sworn brother.
Yu Ailei as Bian Xi, the general defending Yishui Pass.
Sang Ping as Xu Chu, a general under Cao Cao.
Zhou Bo as Pujing, a monk who heals Guan Yu.

7 Assassins

7 Assassins (光辉岁月)

Boss Cat (Eric Tsang) is a warrior who had participated in the Boxer Rebellion. Cat is responsible for guarding Huang Jin Xia town, which have gathered many revolutionaries around China. There, they do not discuss about revolution nor care about politics and lead peaceful lives there. Sai Lim (Gigi Leung), a woman who was rescued by Cat, is oblivious that years ago, Cat not only rescued her and her child, he also rescued her heart.

Revolutionary Tit Wan (Felix Wong) and his like-minded comrades raid a dessert and smuggle gold there, preparing to purchase firearms for another uprising. During their way, they were ambushed by Moon Tin Hung (Ni Hong Jie), the Prince of Pok Yee Kak. During the critical moment, they were fortunately rescued by the sincere official Prefect Cheuk (Ti Lung). Cheuk is visionary and believes that fate the country lies on Tit. Cheuk arranges Tit to Huang Jin Xia to meet the heroic Boss Cat. But with the arrival of Tit, Huang Jin Xia's peaceful environment was broken, and the retired revolutionaries once again display their heroism and fight for the dignity of the country.

Eric Tsang as Boss Cat (貓老板)
Felix Wong as Tit Wan (鐵雲)
Gigi Leung as Sai Lim (細簾)
Ray Lui as Prince (親王)
Max Mok as Mo Pak (慕白)
Simon Yam as Wu (老胡)
Kara Hui as Wu's wife (胡妻)
Guo Tao as Lau Ngo Tin (柳傲天)
Hung Yan-yan as Mo Sau (無仇)
Michael Wong as Peter Fong (方彼得)
Waise Lee as Officer Wong (汪捕頭)
Ni Hong Jie as Moon Tin Hung (滿天紅)
Well Lee as On Lok (安樂)
Yu Oh-seong as Mo Chung Ngak (武忠額)
Ti Lung as Prefect Cheuk (卓知府)
Rose Chan as Lau Sui (柳絮)
Song Xiao Bao as Hoi Tat (海達)
Power Chan as Yip (小葉)
Bryan Leung as Chan (老陳)
Michael Tong as Tong Lung (唐龍)
Shaun Tam as Shek Kan (石根)
Guo Jiu Long as Master Chat (七大爺)
Ben Ng as Nam (阿南)
Ellen Chan as Sister Sai Sze (西施姐)
Tony Liu as Revolutionary (義士)
Chen Kuan-tai as Revolutionary (義士)
Lawrence Ng as Revolutionary (義士)
Mars as Revolutionary (義士)
Fung Hak On as Revolutionary (義士)
Cheung Kwok Keung as Revolutionary (義士)
Jason Pai as Revolutionary (義士)
Cherie Chan as Revolutionary (義士)
Ken Lo as Adjutant (副官)
Dick Wei as Adjutant (副官)

The Rise of King Modu 2013

The Rise of King Modu 2013

Director: Guo Zhi

Wang Lifu
Dai Lu
Wang Gang
Zhao Xiaorui
Zhao Rubin
Cindy Chang
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